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At Villa Toscana Miami, LLC, our mission is to create an inclusive online environment by enhancing the usability and accessibility of our website and mobile application for all users, including those with disabilities. We're dedicated to ensuring that everyone can access and navigate our digital platforms with ease and dignity.


Accessibility Features: Our website incorporate various accessibility features, such as alt text for images, keyboard navigation, adjustable text sizes, and a clear structure for screen readers.


Compliance with Standards: Our efforts to improve digital accessibility align with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level AA, and other relevant recommendations, ensuring a higher level of accessibility for all users.


Continuous Improvement: We're committed to ongoing enhancements in accessibility. Your feedback is invaluable in our pursuit of better accessibility. We welcome suggestions and are dedicated to implementing improvements promptly.


Testing and Collaboration: Our accessibility testing involves individuals with disabilities who are proficient in using assistive technologies. This collaboration aids in identifying and addressing barriers to accessibility effectively.


If you encounter any challenges accessing or navigating our digital channels due to a disability or if you're assisting someone with a disability, please reach out to us. Please include your contact information, details about the issue encountered, the specific web address or location, and the assistive technology used during the experience.


Contact Information: Our dedicated accessibility email address is specifically designated for addressing issues related to users with disabilities or their assistants. Additionally, you can contact us at (305) 986-4112  for immediate assistance.


For alternative formats of our content or any further inquiries regarding accessibility, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We strive to ensure that our digital experience is inclusive for all.


Please note that while we're committed to accessibility, certain third-party content on our platforms may not fully meet our accessibility standards. We're actively working to address this and provide guidance for accessing such content.


Thank you for your support in our journey toward a more accessible digital environment."


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